About BatTRI-Hub

Our Mission

The Battery Technology Research and Innovation Hub (BatTRI-Hub) is a unique, world-class research and innovation centre focused on advanced battery prototyping and the commercialisation of energy storage technologies.

Based at Deakin University in Melbourne, BatTRI-Hub is playing a vital role in developing Australian advanced battery technology through collaboration with researchers and industry.

The BatTRI-Hub offers

  1. Battery manufacturing
  2. Battery testing
  3. Research projects

The custom-designed facility includes:

  • 300m pilot production line to manufacture advanced battery components
  • Expanded research line for pouch cell prototyping
  • Lab space for state-of-art cell and pack testing

Working with industry, our team of researchers are translating Australian battery technology from proof-of-concept, prototype to production-level energy-storage products.

Our services include:

  • advanced battery fabrication
  • new battery designs
  • battery prototyping
  • material and component characterisation
  • battery diagnostics and engineering support
  • co-innovation and training spaces.

Developing Partnerships

BatTRI-Hub is fast becoming a centre for all kinds of industry engagement from chemical companies, through to battery manufacturers and energy providers.
​We aim to generate the partnerships needed for accelerated progression by reinforcing existing collaborations with local and international research, in addition to working more broadly with industry to address major challenges at the heart of this new world of energy provision and storage requirements.
Professor Maria Forsyth

Prof. Maria Forsyth

Professor Patrick Howlett

Prof. Patrick Howlett